Emotion – Loneliness

Hey guys! I want to take street photos so bad, but I am surprisingly pretty busy, which is something I didn’t expect for second semester of my senior year. So, I just wanted to show you guys what I am working on in my art class.

I’m basically known as a photographer in our school because I take photos for The Spirit, our school newspaper, and I’m basically at various… well every event. I thought I could use photography for my school art project, so I started a photoshoot called Emotion.

I tend to be an outgoing person on the outside, yet once I get depressed I literally am depressed for like a month. Negative emotions tend to engulf me very often, and I wanted to portray some of negative emotions in photos where the subject isn’t me. The words that describe each photoshoot came after the shots were taken, but yeah. Here it is. The first emotion – Loneliness.

IMG_6792 IMG_6799 IMG_6851 IMG_6808 IMG_6881 IMG_6891 IMG_6892 IMG_6897 IMG_6904 IMG_6910 IMG_6925 IMG_6935 IMG_6937 IMG_6945 IMG_6968

IMG_6975 IMG_6979 IMG_6985 IMG_7012 IMG_7018

These photos aren’t my final products, but they are photos that I had as leftovers after I created my finals. I’ll post those once everything is done. And big thanks to my best friend & great model Daniel Kwon for helping me in such a cold weather.

I’ll post other photoshoots soon so stay tuned! Keep checking my Facebook page for quicker updates and Instagram for my personal updates!



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