Emotion – Nostalgia

Once again, just editing photos that were not used in the project.

IMG_7467 IMG_7509 IMG_7517 IMG_7565 IMG_7530 IMG_7540 IMG_7533 IMG_7600 IMG_7602 IMG_7605 IMG_7613 IMG_7638 IMG_7654 IMG_7668 IMG_7720 IMG_7742 IMG_7768 IMG_7775 IMG_7759 IMG_7766 IMG_7873 IMG_7897

Big shout-out to my freshman Jules Lee for modeling for me. I understand that this was pretty hard for her as she was modeling for the first time, but she pulled it off very well. Thank you! 🙂 Oh, and check out her Instagram here.

Thankfully, Seoul Fashion Week is only like a week away, which is something that I am only thinking about right now. I even signed up for the press pass with Jina Han, a good friend of mine who has a better blog than mine,  as her main photographer. That doesn’t mean that I’m only taking photos for her blog, so be excited for that. I might post one before the upcoming Fashion Week posts, so keep your heads up for it. Till then, follow my Instagram, like my Facebook page, and follow my blog if you haven’t yet!



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