Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 1

Hello everyone. You probably thought I was dead or something. But in fact, I was editing photos from Seoul Fashion Week, which I’m still not done with. But I’m almost done, and I’m so happy with that as I started from like 15000 photos down to around 1-2000. Well, let’s go into the photos now before I really go on ranting about my stress from the photos.

8S5A0971 8S5A1110 8S5A0972

Model Kim SungChan (김성찬)

Black on black with his dog. Loving his hair.


I love this photo so much for some reason.

8S5A0982 8S5A1013 8S5A10038S5A1002


Basic idea of street fashion photos.



Model Lee A-Rim, Lee ShinHyuk (이아림, 이신혁)


Model Irene Kim (아이린)

Her outfit is always on point. And I just realized her shoes are the Stan Smith by Jeremy Scott. The wings!!! ❤

8S5A1046 8S5A1056 8S5A1048

Her hair is always so interesting. I mean, it’s her signature now.

8S5A1080 8S5A1082 8S5A1084

Whole crowd to take a photo of Irene.





Girls with Supreme are one of my favorites. ❤


8S5A1626 8S5A1650 8S5A1644 8S5A1642


Model Kim NaRae, Go SoHyun, Choi JunYoung (김나래, 고소현, 최준영)


Model Hyoni Kang (강승현)

Its was SOO hard to get a photo of her. Literally, there was a sea of humans following her, including me. 😛


Model Lee UiSoo (이의수)

8S5A1786 8S5A1798

8S5A1758 8S5A1810

I’ll be back. Really soon. Like, REAL SOON.



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