Seoul Fashion Week FW15: MUNSOOKWON

I told you I’ll be back soon. 🙂

The theme of this season for Munsoo Kwon was based on insomnia. The main graphic is sheep with the catch phrase: Can’t Sleep Count Sheep. It tends to look very relaxed with the silhouette, fabric, and little details like beanies and scarfs even though the overall design tends to be fit and formal with suits, shirts.

8S5A1168 8S5A1174


Before the show began. Models catching up, and some sparkling shoes that I spotted.

8S5A1189 8S5A1200 8S5A1205 8S5A1212 8S5A1214 8S5A1226 8S5A12328S5A1242 8S5A1246 8S5A1268 8S5A1280 8S5A1283 8S5A12888S5A1299 8S5A1303 8S5A1312 8S5A1306

Something that I really liked from the show was the pants. Looks warm. VERY warm.

8S5A1320 8S5A1331 8S5A13488S5A1355 8S5A1367 8S5A14018S5A1406 8S5A1414 8S5A14168S5A1427 8S5A1438 8S5A14448S5A1445 8S5A1455 8S5A14628S5A1476 8S5A1489 8S5A1495

8S5A1508 8S5A1512 8S5A1517 8S5A1523 8S5A1525 8S5A1542 8S5A1544 8S5A1548 8S5A1550 8S5A1557 8S5A1570 8S5A1576 8S5A1584


8S5A1609 8S5A1612

Nicely done!

Personally, I think FW15 had his wit overflowing just like his previous collections, and I love his choice of fabrics, materials, and item he chose in the collection that really brings out the relaxing, cozy outfit that perfectly fits the theme. Yet, still feels like there could have been SOMETHING, just a little something that could’ve made the collection better. But still, it was good.

Well, that’s the end of my first day of Seoul Fashion Week, and I’ll be back SOON with the second day, filled with more street photos and shows! And you can watch the collection here.



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