Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 2 Part 1

Let’s get right into photos. I divided up the street fashion into parts because there’s just too much. I took lots and lots of photos as I mentioned before so I thought posting everything at once it isn’t going to be fun posting 100s of photos in one post. So here we go, enjoy the first half of day two!

8S5A2567 8S5A2508 8S5A2728

8S5A2530-2 8S5A2584


Bold colors are always great to take photos of during Fashion Week.

8S5A4279 8S5A2797 8S5A4272

Ryu HwanHee (류환희)

He is known to wear such classic outfit at every Fashion Week. Loving his coordination with sailor shirt and a three button suit. Even the details in the pocket. ❤

8S5A2589 8S5A27568S5A3987 8S5A2614

Details. Just love those small details.

8S5A2752 8S5A2618 8S5A2764



Pop artist Marco Santaniello.

Overwhelming pins!


8S5A2679 8S5A2690


8S5A3978-2 8S5A3951-2 8S5A3972-2

Model Kim NaRae (김나래)

Simple outfits always at its finest.


Photographer Ray (전승호).

As I know he’s younger than me, but his photos are amazing. Check out his Instagram here!

8S5A2798 8S5A2804 8S5A2811-2 8S5A2822 8S5A2831

Gianni Fontana.

His outfit is ALWAYS just so fine. I think Italians just know how to pull things off well.


Classic men.

8S5A4370 8S5A4412 8S5A4385

Model Lee SunJung (이선정)

Her shorts really grabbed my attention. Looks like she cut her old jeans.

8S5A4330 8S5A4337

Model Park SunHa (박선하)

8S5A4430 8S5A4446

Model & Actress Lee Sunbin (이선빈/이진경)

Simple all-white with red point on the lip and handkerchief.

8S5A3994-2 8S5A4003-2 8S5A40298S5A40828S5A4105 8S5A4110 8S5A41198S5A41368S5A4219-2 8S5A4256 8S5A4206-2 8S5A4265

Model Lee HoJung (이호정)

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