Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Kimseoryong

Many might remember (if you have followed me since Blogger days) that I loved the Kimseoryong collection. Once again, Kimseoryong knows how to epitomize the beauty of men. Their tailoring is just magnificent. This season, Kim returned with the theme of Alive Inside. I’ll leave it up to you on what Kim wants to say about being alive from deep inside.

 8S5A2835 8S5A2852

Designer Steve and Yoni spotted before the show started.

8S5A2888 8S5A2904 8S5A29208S5A2908 8S5A2928 8S5A29458S5A3011 8S5A2963 8S5A30258S5A2999 8S5A3030 8S5A30508S5A3039

Geometric patterns. Still classic and elegant.

8S5A3060 8S5A3081 8S5A30928S5A3089 8S5A3133 8S5A3112

I have no idea what fabric the pants are made out from, but they look fabulous.

8S5A3146 8S5A3156

8S5A3188 8S5A3206 8S5A32168S5A3227 8S5A3267 8S5A32378S5A3249 8S5A3294 8S5A32518S5A3318 8S5A3338 8S5A33708S5A3375 8S5A3384 8S5A33968S5A3405 8S5A3429

I really loved the blue this season for the collection. Looks very cool. (no pun intended :P)

8S5A3453 8S5A3468 8S5A34978S5A3438

My favorite outfit from the season. The detail is on point with the fabric, and I just love how the black suede shawl lapel tones down the gleaming silver satin. Simple silk shirt and black pants to complement the jacket. Paragon. ❤


8S5A3504 8S5A3539 8S5A3545 8S5A3557 8S5A3562 8S5A3566 8S5A3591

Grey. The so-called most “safe” color for man’s first suit.

8S5A3574 8S5A3624 8S5A3599

Honestly, fur coat wasn’t something that I expected from Kimseoryong. Not very fond of fur coats, but it was ok.

8S5A3634 8S5A3604 8S5A36758S5A37138S5A3724

Honestly love this as I am desperately searching for camel coat. Big lapels are a bonus.



8S5A3837 8S5A3852 8S5A3870 8S5A3886 8S5A3899 8S5A3916


8S5A3935 8S5A3943

Kim SeoRyong, the mastermind.

Once again, a fantastic tailoring done by Kim SeoRyong. Loving the colors, fabrics… well no words to really express its aesthetic. I mean, just look at the photos. It’s just great! Also, I loved the suede chelsea boots as I am so into them nowadays. And they just fit every outfit very well. If I really had to complain about something, it’d be the fur coat. But other than that, everything was just the typical Kimseoryong – perfection.

You can watch the collection here.



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