Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 2 Part 2

Now that I’m back from China, here we go. More uploads. I’m still not done with editing the photos from the last day, and my exams are coming up in less than two weeks, so I’m just freaking out right now. If I don’t finish it before May, I wouldn’t be able to finish it until June. So hopefully, I’ll get through these ASAP. Ok, enough ranting.

 8S5A5003 8S5A5007 8S5A49968S5A5032

Photographer Alex Finch with his brother, Graeme.

I swear, he should be a model. Check out his Instagram and Facebook!

8S5A4825 8S5A4823 8S5A4826 8S5A4809 8S5A4803 8S5A4813

Tattooist Jung JongPil (정종필)

Honestly one of my favorite street style I saw this season. Maybe it’s because his whole outfit is Raf Simons, but I think it really has a statement. Bold crimson red with tattoos. That is SOMETHING. The photo above was too good that I’m using it as a featured image, which I think I wouldn’t do that often.

8S5A5121-2 8S5A5116-2

Model Kim KiBum (김기범)

8S5A4476 8S5A5020 8S5A4460

8S5A5103 8S5A4516-2


Her bag ❤

8S5A4913 8S5A4873 8S5A4865-2

Model Shin JaeHyuk, Shin HyeJin (신재혁, 신혜진)

Shin JaeHyuk has too many fangirls following him everywhere. I personally like taking photos of models, but I don’t like how the street photo culture has turned into a sea of fangirls following models around.

8S5A4671-2 8S5A4614-2 8S5A4691 8S5A4718 8S5A4740-2 8S5A4721 8S5A4734-2

Model Jung HoYeon (정호연)

Her attitude makes everything much more fun and interesting. 😀


Whole crowd that you can see in the photo is basically everyone trying to see her.

8S5A5077 8S5A5069

Blogger & Model Phoebe Corey

She has something that really dragged my attention. Maybe it’s her profile, but I think there’s something more than that.

8S5A4982 8S5A4961 8S5A4956

Model Kim HyeA, Hyun JiEun (김혜아, 현지은)

Matching blue.


Fashion Designer & Model Julian Woodhouse

He had a debut collection this season which I’ll be posting soon. Loving his jacket.

8S5A4493 8S5A4472

Black Shoes. Loving the laces on the left, and those Air Force 1s are literally my favorite. ❤


Model Seo HongSuk (서홍석)


She was something. But I honestly didn’t like how she was trying too hard to grab attention, but well, it’s fashion week, eh?


Model Han SeungSoo (한승수)


Blue tone. Navy and pastel blue look so nice.


8S5A5152 8S5A5173

Model & Actor Do SangWoo (도상우)

8S5A5140 8S5A5180-2

Model Cho MinHo (조민호)

That is the end of day 2, and I’ll be back with day 3 soon! (hopefully)



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