Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 3 Part 1

I’ll try to post one post each day. Well, at least one in two days. At least, that will get me somewhere. Day 3 was the day when I went to SFW just to take street photos, so I don’t really have any photos of fashion shows. But, I got enough photos to keep you guys entertained, so hope you enjoy the photos!

8S5A5280-2 8S5A5278-2 8S5A5264-2 8S5A5572

Gianni Fontana

One of my favorite people to take photos of. He always keep that classic vibe with whatever he wears. I personally like his outfit better from day 2 as he had more colors.

8S5A5864 8S5A6382

Love that bouquet. Add some color to his outfit.

8S5A5353 8S5A5354-2 8S5A5215

Photographer Ray (전승호)

That backpack will always be on my wishlist. Love how he actually has penny inside his penny loafers. And those details at the end of his pants. Love it.

8S5A5344 8S5A5908 8S5A5319

Hats. And those first two have great hair.


Bright colors.

8S5A5515 8S5A5504 8S5A5518 8S5A5535 8S5A5499 8S5A5543 8S5A5523 8S5A5540

Model Jini Lee (이진이)

Young and cute. Love her profile and her attitude; she doesn’t act older than her age, which is something that I really like.

8S5A5230 8S5A5387 8S5A5315 8S5A5577 8S5A5575 8S5A5421 8S5A5333 8S5A5209

Details, details, details. ❤

8S5A5376-2 8S5A5358

Love black and white outfits. Simple edge with that clutch.


Sock games strong here with green.

8S5A5747 8S5A5620

Model Kim SungChan (김성찬)

His jacket is just fabulous. His poses make it look even better.

8S5A6088 8S5A6101 8S5A6092

Model Cho EunJin, ChaeYul (조은진, 채율)

Both wearing KYE. Love it.

8S5A5776 8S5A5761-2 8S5A5779

Model Lee A-Rim (이아림)

8S5A5639 8S5A5633-2 8S5A5625

Model Do HyeJin, Chun JeeHye (도예진, 전지혜)

8S5A5589 8S5A5597 8S5A5583


Kids looking fabulous. Except that she doesn’t seem too happy to be there…. 😛


Model Paul Craddock

He for sure has so many fans. It was tough to get a good shot of him.

8S5A5923-2 8S5A5934-2 8S5A5920-2

Those sunglasses go really well with the outfit. Simple white outfit with small color details from floral patterns.

8S5A6077-2 8S5A5973 8S5A5833

8S5A6032 8S5A6042-2 8S5A6024-2

Model Kim EunHae (김은해)

8S5A5876 8S5A5902 8S5A5896

Model Lee JaeLee (이재이)

Cute bag.

8S5A5718 8S5A5713

Model Lee SooBin, Seok DanBi (이수빈, 석단비)



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