Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Wood House

Even if you have been interested in K-Fashion for a while, this brand wouldn’t sound familiar as it was the debut collection. Being Facebook friends with the designers (:P), I was invited to witness his first step into the fashion industry as a designer. Julian Woodhouse is a model, stylist, fashion journalist, and now owns a title of a creative director of his brand, so he is very talented fashionista.

8S5A7084 8S5A7087

The intro had a female model dancing/acting.


Small details that I noticed. I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR JEWELRIES ❤

8S5A7108 8S5A7110 8S5A7116 8S5A7121 8S5A7125

8S5A7134 8S5A7135

I believe this was his signature piece. Even if it wasn’t, it is definitely my favorite.

8S5A7140 8S5A7144 8S5A7147



Mastermind behind everything.

I personally loved it. Looks great. Simple but great silhouette. Bold colors. And definitely the accessories. I would love to see more from Wood House soon.



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