Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 4 Part 1

My exam week has started, and I just finished my 2 english exams… I still got like 10? exams left… but at least I got two days off! πŸ˜€

What I realized was that I should post max 30-40 photos per post for street photos. I felt like posting 70 photos in one post does not help you guys to really appreciate photos and what-not. So there will be more posts for street photos, but you’ll be able to see more carefully of the photos. Day 4, 5, 6 has the most photos so you guys will love this.

8S5A7200 8S5A7188 8S5A7194 8S5A7198 8S5A7205

Model Lee SuBin (이수빈)

Love her fedora. Never seen such embellishment on simple fedora.

8S5A7220 8S5A7229 8S5A7230 8S5A7253 8S5A7250 8S5A7265 8S5A7262 8S5A7273Β 8S5A7284

Model Jini Lee (이진이)

Her vintage coat goes well with her Chanel bag.


Detailed shot. From her socks to her coat, it’s just great. ❀


Model Kang SoYoung (κ°•μ†Œμ˜)

Normcore. Simple but looking fabulous.

8S5A7424 8S5A7446 8S5A7499 8S5A7505 8S5A7487 8S5A7443 8S5A7469

Model Choi JunYoung (μ΅œμ€€μ˜)

Simple outfit with great hair color. One of my favorite models ❀

8S5A7350 8S5A7332

Model Kim SungChan (κΉ€μ„±μ°¬)

Suit with Nike Air Command Force was the last thing that I expected, but he still pulled it off very well.


One of my favorite photos this season. Love that Juun. J jacket ❀

8S5A7374 8S5A7378 8S5A7394

Model Lee ChaeYul, Bae YoonYoung (μ±„μœ¨, 배윀영)

I love when models come out with makeup for the show. Even though I didn’t get a good shot to post, profile shots come out amazing at those times.


Interesting outfit. I like the details on the color more than anything else on this outfit. Gives that edge on the whole outfit.

Wow that felt very short, but hey, now you can really look at the photos! πŸ˜€ I’ll try to post one more tomorrow, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Till then, wish me luck for my exams! I update my Instagram the most so check my Instagram out here!



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