Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 4 Part 2

Surprisingly I’m still alive… I’m still dying from numerous exams left but I really want to finish this before May ends… even though that seems impossible right now. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ But hopefully I’ll sort something out. Oh, and I wanted to know how you guys felt about having less photos in a post. Lemme know! It’ll be great to get some feedbacks. ๐Ÿ™‚

8S5A7566 8S5A7572

Model Park SungJin (๋ฐ•์„ฑ์ง„)

Most well-known for being ranked as top 50 (27th) male models in It was my first time actually seeing him, and I think I know now why he is such popular model.

8S5A7579 8S5A7587

Matching color with the shorts and scarf. I personally love when people has scarf on their bags.

8S5A7700 8S5A7703

Gianni Fontana

Blue jacket, blue clutch bag, blue flatย cap, blue stripes on his coat. Blue and white looks great.

8S5A7720 8S5A7711

Gianni Fontana with Girolamo Panzetta

Girolamo Panzetta is a Italian celebrity working in Japan. Italian men at their finest with suits.

8S5A7531 8S5A7536 8S5A7839

Alessandro Squarzi

The last, but not least, Italian seen at SFW. His point with his red socks goes really well with the outfit.

8S5A7801 8S5A7780 8S5A7743 8S5A7791

Model Cho MinHo (์กฐ๋ฏผํ˜ธ)

Simple but chic.


I really like something about her outfit. It’s so simple, but the tone goes really well with each other.


Model Hyoni Kang (๊ฐ•์Šนํ˜„)

Oversized printed sleeveless, bell bottom jeans with Maison Martin Margiela Tabi heels. Only models like her would be able to pull it off.


YG Stylist Lee SungSik (์ด์„ฑ์‹)

I want lots of articles of his outfit, especially the sweatshirt and pastel pink Raf Simons Stan Smith.

8S5A7680 8S5A7674

Model Lee A-Rim (์ด์•„๋ฆผ)

Looking chic.

8S5A7599 8S5A7842 8S5A7598

Females with bold outfits. Love how they have details with few items, but look how it makes such difference in an outfit. Small tip to remember.


Model Park JiWon (๋ฐ•์ง€์›)


Didn’t look young, but he dressed young, and he pulled it off effortlessly. Two thumbs up for him.

8S5A7696 8S5A7732



Black & White, Blue & Red.


Model Song KyungAh (์†ก๊ฒฝ์•„)

Simple black and navy.

8S5A7525 8S5A7545

8S5A7852 8S5A7848 8S5A7861

Model Shin JaeHyuk, Kwon HyunBin (์‹ ์žฌํ˜, ๊ถŒํ˜„๋นˆ)

Models with fashionable baby. The fashionable trio.


Baby Model Ja-In/Jane (์žฌ์ธ)

Talking about fashionable babies, she is Instafamous. Check her daily outfits here!


Love the photo. Love the outfit. All black, but unique in design.

My next will be one of the shows that I watched, so stay tuned. Till then, keep following my Instagram!



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