Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Rocket X Lunch

Hello guys! I just don’t have enough motivation to use my time wisely to study for my test, so I just decided to upload my blog before the hell week that’s looming over me right now. Well, best of luck for me, I guess.

I have never heard of Rocket X Lunch before watching the show, so I did some research before. Seems to be one of the favorite brands for Korean celebrities. It wouldn’t be the daily outfit that everyone can wear, but it’s definitely something that you can wear to be in the spotlight. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

8S5A9561 8S5A9562 8S5A9577 8S5A9583 8S5A9594 8S5A9592 8S5A9622 8S5A9630 8S5A9621 8S5A9635 8S5A9683 8S5A9599 8S5A9614 8S5A9640 8S5A9645 8S5A9661 8S5A9658 8S5A9687 8S5A9705 8S5A9729 8S5A9774 8S5A9697 8S5A9718 8S5A9723

My favorite outfit & photo of the collection. I think this outfit was the most wearable one. And, I just LOVE that blue. I think it was royal blue? But it just looks fine with the texture. Something that I would definitely try on.



I like the designer’s idea of playing around with pockets. Yet, it wasn’t something that I would wear though. Some looked too out of place that it looked unnecessary, as it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing at all. I like different fabrics she used, especially fur. Yet, overall, this definitely was least favorite show that I watched this season. I know, I’m being too honest. 😛 But yeah, it just seemed too much. You can watch the collection here. Oh, and if you’re curious how I look and what I wore that day, just look at the right corner of the screen at around 6:30 and you’ll see a guy with camo high-tops taking photos. 😉

As I mentioned above, my week is going to be very busy and rough, so most likely, unfortunately, I won’t be updating this week as much. But, keep checking out my Instagram to see upcoming street photos and what not. 🙂 Till then, wish me luck!



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