Seoul Fashion Week FW15: PushBUTTON

Well, I decided to post one as I finished my biggest and hardest exam yesterday.. Don’t ask me how I did. I don’t know either. Let’s just hope for the best, shall we? 🙂

Anyways, Jina and I was so excited to watch the PushBUTTON show. Designed by Park SeungGun, PushBUTTON celebrated their 10th collection with the concept of Do You Love Me. The collection was full of words or phrases, and the colors and pattern went along with the silhouette and fabric for the reinterpretation of the retro fashion.

I got great shots as I was allowed to sit at the press section to take photos. Thank you PushBUTTON for such a wonderful opportunity. Enjoy the photos!

8S5A8636 8S5A8643 8S5A8646 8S5A8645 8S5A8649 8S5A8650 8S5A8653 8S5A8658


8S5A8661 8S5A8665

I think PushBUTTON had this detail for a while, but I love the chain detail at the end of the sleeve. No need to wear accessories when you have that jacket on.

8S5A8674 8S5A8679 8S5A8689


8S5A8695 8S5A8708 8S5A8713 8S5A8722 8S5A8725 8S5A8732 8S5A8745 8S5A8750 8S5A8758 8S5A8769

If you haven’t noticed, all the patterns that look like houndstooth on the clothing are actually not the classic houndstooth. It is more of bats glaring at you.


One of my favorite outfits this season. Can’t describe why exactly, but I think it’s because it’s very gangster-like. My style tends to be more of a street fashion, so I guess it really my taste.

8S5A8802 8S5A8806 8S5A8810

Houndstooth, houndstooth, houndstooth (bats, bats, bats.)

8S5A8814 8S5A8818 8S5A8822 8S5A8831

Small edge with denim inside.

8S5A8833 8S5A8838 8S5A8841 8S5A8846 8S5A8855

Love how black and pink look great with each other.

8S5A8857 8S5A8859 8S5A8864 8S5A8870 8S5A8866

Favorite outfit of the collection. I don’t know what color that is, but that mint-ish green long sleeve inside looks great. Wouldn’t wear this for daily outfit, but it just looks great.

8S5A8884 8S5A8893 8S5A8894

Thx mom.

8S5A8899 8S5A8904 8S5A8912 8S5A8917 8S5A8925 8S5A89318S5A8936 8S5A8948 8S5A8951 8S5A8954

These bags are lovely, I swear.

8S5A8959 8S5A8960 8S5A8966 8S5A8970 8S5A8976 8S5A8982 8S5A8984 8S5A8987 8S5A8993 8S5A8995 8S5A8997 8S5A8999 8S5A9001 8S5A9006 8S5A9012

8S5A9042 8S5A9101 8S5A9044 8S5A9049 8S5A9070

Finale with bomber jackets.

Overall, I really loved the collection. Even though retro fashion was already an ongoing trend, I think Park really reinterpreted the 80’s fashion with his own wit. I really love how he changed the houndstooth with bats. Also, i just love the colors in this collection. There were definitely some things that I really want to buy from this collection. You can enjoy the show here.

Tomorrow will be when my surprise event will be known. Follow my Instagram to know what it is! 😀



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