Stella McCartney In Seoul: Photoshoot

Hello, everyone! It’s been a week since I’ve been talking about this “surprise”! 😛 Many would have realized if you followed my Instagram, but anyways. I was invited to take photos of Stella McCartney event in Seoul! She came to Korea (don’t ask me why) and had different events, such as having a session talking about her life as a designer, and a party at BOONTHESHOP in Cheongdam. There was a small photoshoot of models right before the party, so here are the photos. Enjoy!

IMG_2807 IMG_2818 IMG_2816 IMG_2825 IMG_2823 IMG_2958 IMG_2905 IMG_2898 IMG_2989 IMG_2961 IMG_2967 IMG_3011 IMG_2986 IMG_2978 IMG_3000 IMG_3016 IMG_3019

The place was full of photo/video related kits, from vintage cameras to tripods with old recorders. Models had so much fun with them.

IMG_2864 IMG_2850 IMG_2848 IMG_2854 IMG_2930 IMG_2887 IMG_2858


IMG_3069 IMG_3030 IMG_3042 IMG_3048 IMG_3037 IMG_3077 IMG_3091 IMG_3092


IMG_3120 IMG_3143 IMG_3151 IMG_3146 IMG_3123 IMG_3157 IMG_3141

Some flavor of Korea with the traditional fan. Love how the fans really stand out with the primary colors


Back on cameras. Discussing about their personal photoshoot?

IMG_3170 IMG_3177 IMG_3182 IMG_3197 IMG_3210

You can’t finish an event without a selfie now.


Loved the shoes.

IMG_3229 IMG_3231

And at last, adorable group photo.

The models – Lee SeungMee, Baek JiWon, Um YeJin, and Lee SunJung (from left to right) – were adorable. It was the first photoshoot that I had after Seoul Fashion Week, and it was just great. Thank you Jina for taking me to the event. Check out her blog and Instagram!

I’ll be back with some snaps from the party, and actual photos of Stella, which I have a lot to talk about. Till then, check out my Instagram!



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