Stella McCartney in Seoul: InstaMeet and Party at BOONTHESHOP

So here’s the second and final chapter of the surprise. The InstaMeet happened in front of the Daelim Museum where Linda McCartney’s, Stella’s mother, photo exhibition was being held. The party was at BOONTHESHOP, which was made pretty recently. The InstaMeet was pretty disappointing while the party was fun and photo-friendly with interesting outfits and objects take photo of. Before I go into details about these events, let’s go into the photos first.

_DSC4852 _DSC4854

Only two decent photos that I got from the InstaMeet. (DECENT. LIKE ACTUALLY) This is thing that I wanted to talk, well rant about. The people who contacted us, notifying us that we will have an opportunity to take photos of Stella for 15 minutes without much distraction, just like how Seoul Fashion Week works. However, there was no security to block all the fans surrounding her to take selfies with her, as you can see in the photo. There was no official photoshoot, and she left in like 5 minutes. I was very disappointed at the poor organization of the event. Hopefully this will be better when she comes back later on.


Model Irene Kim (아이린)

She would definitely be the right fit for the party. I mean, look how she pulls off the jumpsuit. Perfection. ❤

IMG_3244 IMG_3256 IMG_3258 IMG_3274 IMG_3299 IMG_3267 IMG_3318 IMG_3276 IMG_3291

Photo booth with drinks!

IMG_3251 IMG_3265 IMG_3309

Mini golf was placed in the middle of the hall for models to have fun.

IMG_3297 IMG_3386 IMG_3319

Details. I believe they are all Stella McCartney, I’m pretty sure.

IMG_3337 IMG_3326


IMG_3344 IMG_3355 IMG_3384 IMG_3374 IMG_3340 IMG_3313 IMG_3394

As mentioned in my previous post, loving their shoes.

IMG_3286 IMG_3305 IMG_3330 IMG_3372 IMG_3388 IMG_3387

Some unrelated fashion snaps that I always love to take photos of.


Overall, the party was such an exciting place to be, and it was packed with people, so it was such a great time to take photos of different styles even though it was very hard to get around. Yet, it was just such a fabulous event that i had in a while. Once again, I thank Jina so much for inviting me to this event. Follow her blog and Instagram!

I’ll be continuing on with my Seoul Fashion Week posts now, and hopefully I’ll finish this before my project will start. Till then, check out my Instagram!



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