Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 4 Part 4

Hello guys! Now we’re back on Seoul Fashion Week photos… which has ended like two months ago…. Sorry for my laziness once again. But hey, I’m posting so much nowadays, though, so I believe we’ll be done by mid-June! Ahhh but still a long way to go…. Anyways, let’s finish up street fashion of day 4.

8S5A9182 8S5A9156 8S5A9167 8S5A9270 8S5A9191 8S5A9194

Model Go SoHyun (고소현)

A bit short for a model, but great proportion with beautiful smile.


Model & Actress Lee SunBin (이선빈/이진경)

Great outfit once again. Bright yellow bag with green suit.

8S5A9525 8S5A9432 8S5A9499 8S5A9517 8S5A9514 8S5A9503

Blogger DeRang (드랑)

8S5A9310 8S5A9325

Blogger & Model Phoebe Corey

Great outfit with such photogenic attitude.


Matching outfit. It’s always fun to find small differences between the duo.


Model Kim PillSu (김필수)


So many kids being too fashionable for me.

8S5A9470 8S5A9458

Model Kim SangIn (김상인)

Her profile is very mystical. Great outfit, but my favorite was her heels.

8S5A9400 8S5A9405

Fashion Designer Lee SangBong (이상봉)


Model Um YouJung (엄유정)


Ryu HwanHee (류환희)

8S5A9549 8S5A9531

Two random shots that I got. They both were interesting to me.

So there we go, the end of day four for street fashion. I’ll finish up day 4 with one more fashion show post. Till then, follow me on Instagram!



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