Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Arche

Hey, it’s been a while. I had so much time, but I wasn’t planning on working on my blog too diligently. Not because I was lazy (for the FIRST TIME), but because I wanted to keep my other pages – Facebook and Instagram – updated. So how the system works is that WordPress will be my main page, yet Instagram will be updated the quickest, while Facebook groups photos into smaller arrangements and the latest. So, that’s why it took me a while to create a new blog post as I tried to keep Instagram ahead of the blog… LOL

Anyways, Jina and I were in so much hurry to get to the Arche show because it was right after Rocket X Lunch show, we were able to make it on time. We didn’t get the best spot to take photos, but we still could watch and enjoy the show. The collection was full of feminine silhouettes, mainly created with tweed. The monotoned (well, mostly) collection contained various details from ruffles to sailor outfit’s details. I didn’t see what designer ChoonHo Yoon wanted to show as the theme was A Happy Bird Is Not Going Anywhere, Even If The Cage Is Open[ed]. But definitely he made some connections with some feather patterns and what-not.

 8S5A9869 8S5A9880

The Korean model queen, YoonJoo Jang (장윤주).

8S5A9885 8S5A9903 8S5A9905 8S5A9912 8S5A9921 8S5A9924

One of favorite shots from the show.

8S5A9940 8S5A9956 8S5A9960 8S5A9969 8S5A9975 8S5A9976 8S5A9985 8S5A9986

Details, details, shoes. ❤

8S5A9987 8S5A9994 8S5A9996 8S5A0006 8S5A0012 8S5A0022 8S5A0024

Loving the sleeve on the trench coat.

8S5A0026 8S5A0037 8S5A0047 8S5A0056 8S5A0069 8S5A0076 8S5A0080 8S5A0092

Once again, details.

8S5A0097 8S5A0106 8S5A0111 8S5A0119 8S5A0125 8S5A0161 8S5A0144 8S5A0154 8S5A0168 8S5A0179 8S5A0201

8S5A0227 8S5A0250 8S5A0274 8S5A0277 8S5A0293


8S5A0308 8S5A0306

The real man behind the scene – ChoonHo Yoon.

Overall, the collection was great, but there isn’t a specific outfit that I really favored. But, it was just his style – very feminine accentuating great profiles of the women.

I’ll be posting more often soon for sure, so get ready to be bombarded again. Till then, follow my Instagram and enjoy the Arche FW15 show here!



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