Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 5 Part 1

Yesterday was exactly three months since the Seoul Fashion Week FW15 ended with the final shows, and I’m still stuck on day 5… So now I actually have a strong urge to finish this ASAP. Or, nothing has been confirmed yet, but I’ll be posting some photoshoots that’s coming up soon, so stay tuned for that. I also realized for my Facebook page that I’ll be posting street photos that I take there, so if you want daily street photos of Seoul (Garosu-gil) check my Facebook page. But well, let’s start on the photo heavy day 5.

8S5A0612 8S5A0604

Model Bang JooHo & Seok DanBi (방주호 & 석단비)

Loving the colors of the outfit. Great match.

8S5A0494 8S5A0478

Model Bae YoonYoung (배윤영)

Loose top with denim skirt. White and blue can never go wrong in my opinion. 😀

8S5A0525 8S5A0544

Model Yoon SoJeong (윤소정)

Her skirt just beautiful and went really well with the outfit.

8S5A0317 8S5A0715 8S5A0708 8S5A0710

Details with jackets – from colors to patchworks.

8S5A0391 8S5A0734 8S5A0454

Baby fashionistas rocking the street fashion scene once again.


What I loved about this outfit is that he’s wearing his denim jacket inside-out. Planning on doing that with jackets with great design inside!

8S5A0463 8S5A0438 8S5A0721

Model Kwak JiYoung (곽지영), Hong JiSoo (홍지수), Lee JooYoung (이주영) (Left to Right)

Female models with normcore fashion.

8S5A0661 8S5A0673


8S5A0421 8S5A0416 8S5A0402

Model Paul Craddock

8S5A0400 8S5A0624 8S5A0621

Males could be unique in their fashion, from fit, hair, color, to details.

8S5A0668 8S5A0672

Model Choi JungGab (최정갑)

8S5A0676 8S5A0637

Model Kim SungChan (김성찬)

8S5A0701 8S5A0696

Model Jung HaEun (정하은)

Jumping shots look great when it comes out right.

8S5A0693 8S5A0468

Shoes ❤


Model Ahn SeungJoon (안승준)

Denim on denim. Well executed.

8S5A0327 8S5A0332

She is a model for sure, but what really caught my eyes was her pants.



8S5A0688 8S5A0889

Blogger Seoul Sisters

They always match their outfits, but I particularly loved this one with emojis.

I’ll hopefully be posting much quicker. I’ll keep it up as much as I can. Till then, check out my Instagram!



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