Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 5 Part 2

I won’t be commenting on the photos as much now because I realized that’s the reason why I procrastinate so much… So I decided it’ll really be focused on photos. Enjoy!

8S5A0749 8S5A0809 8S5A0826 8S5A07678S5A0840

Model Song HaeNa (송해나)


Pop Artist Marco Santaniello

8S5A0851 8S5A0854 8S5A0872

8S5A0874 8S5A0875


8S5A0893 8S5A0931

8S5A0949 8S5A0957 8S5A0973 8S5A0978 8S5A0981 8S5A1002

Just Music Crew: Genius Nochang, Kim Wook, Giriboy (천재노창, 김욱, 기리보이)

8S5A1024 8S5A1044

Model Cho MinHo (조민호)

8S5A1139 8S5A1087 8S5A1102 8S5A1107 8S5A1185 8S5A1159

Model Choi JunYoung (최준영)

8S5A1123 8S5A1136

Model Lee HyeJung (이혜정)


Model Jung HoYeon (정호연)


Model Song Lee (이송이)

8S5A1277 8S5A1281

Model Han SeungSoo, Park SoMin (한승수, 박소민)

8S5A1304 8S5A1396 8S5A1387 8S5A1379 8S5A1341 8S5A1313

Model Go SoHyun (고소현)

I’ll be back soon. Promise for this one.



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