Seoul Fashion Week FW15: LIE

Hello! So here we go, slowly moving away from the memories from March.

LIE is ran by Chung Chung Lee, son of Sang Bong Lie. Chung designs his collection with “Parisian avant-garde sense with New York’s minimal style, focusing on the Everyday Wear Luxury with a Twist“. The concept of his FW15 collection was Reconstruction. With dots, lines, and sides, Chung experiments with the 2D aspects on the clothing (3D), inspired from the 60’s as of silhouette and colors.

8S5A3091 8S5A3098 8S5A3113 8S5A3117 8S5A3129 8S5A3142 8S5A3148 8S5A3159 8S5A3170 8S5A3173 8S5A3180 8S5A3191 8S5A3202 8S5A3210 8S5A3211 8S5A3215 8S5A3221 8S5A3224 8S5A3237 8S5A3239 8S5A3247 8S5A3248 8S5A3255 8S5A3257 8S5A3262 8S5A3271 8S5A3272 8S5A3282 8S5A3284 8S5A3293 8S5A3304 8S5A3311 8S5A3322 8S5A3336

Loving the mix of colors and patterns.

8S5A3339 8S5A3343



8S5A3451 8S5A3456

The creator, Chung.

Overall, I personally was satisfied by the colors and the patterns, but I thought the fabrics and the silhouettes was a mismatch. Yet, colors were good enough to grab my attention.

Now let’s hurry up and finish the rest of day 5!



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