Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 5 Part 3

Not even thinking about typing things in unless I feel necessary. Enjoy the photos!


Model Lee UiSoo (이의수)

Want his coat so much.

8S5A1422 8S5A1429 8S5A1460


Model Ji HyunJeong (지현정)

8S5A1463 8S5A1465

8S5A1467 8S5A1486 8S5A1470

Model Kim JinKyung (김진경)

8S5A1496 8S5A1497 8S5A1505 8S5A1506 8S5A1518 8S5A1524 8S5A1527

8S5A1563 8S5A1531 8S5A1579 8S5A1552

Model Jin JungSun (진정선)

8S5A1613 8S5A1711 8S5A1706 8S5A1702 8S5A1658 8S5A1622

Model Kim NaRae (김나래)

8S5A1768 8S5A1769

8S5A1790 8S5A1817 8S5A1852 8S5A1871

Model Hyun JiEun (현지은)

8S5A1905 8S5A1896 8S5A1909

Model Kim KiBum (김기범)



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