Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 5 Part 4

Last street photos from day 5.

8S5A1941 8S5A2619 8S5A2621 8S5A3085

8S5A2634 8S5A2658

Two models with someone that I don’t know in the middle.

8S5A3460 8S5A3464

Model Kim MinJung (김민정)

8S5A2670 8S5A2676 8S5A2696 8S5A2755 8S5A2778

Model Lee HoJung (이호정)

8S5A2817 8S5A2828 8S5A2826 8S5A2825

Model Lee SunJung (이선정)

8S5A2852 8S5A2879 8S5A2862

Model Irene Kim (아이린)

8S5A2898 8S5A3047 8S5A2977 8S5A2962 8S5A2952 8S5A2934

Model Choi SoRa (최소라)

8S5A3074 8S5A3077 8S5A3076


8S5A3473 8S5A3522

Blogger Jina Han

8S5A3551 8S5A3554 8S5A3556



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