Seoul Fashion Week FW15: S=YZ

This will wrap up the 5th day, and S=YZ is definitely one of the collections that I love to attend. I’ve been attending to this show since I first started to go watch shows at Seoul Fashion Week, and it’s such a pity that I can’t starting this October as I’ll be in New York… 😥

Designer YuJin Song used a word 잔향 (Jan-Hyang/殘響), which means resonance, as a theme for the FW15 collection. She focused on creating collection that will remain as timeless, an eternal aesthetic. Using perfume bottles as a medium, Song used leather, wool, and fur with spangles and embroidery to create her collection.

8S5A1958 8S5A1963 8S5A1966 8S5A1986 8S5A2000 8S5A2010 8S5A2015 8S5A2017 8S5A2022 8S5A2028 8S5A2040

 8S5A2053 8S5A2074

Definitely one of my favorite outfit. Embossed dress with fur jacket will spangled perfume bottle. Popping for the dull winter outfits!

8S5A2065 8S5A2077 8S5A2089 8S5A2091 8S5A2097 8S5A2103 8S5A2110

I took this shot as soon as I spotted that bracelet. I just love when outfits have small details that complements the outfit. Small red on all-black outfit. How nice is that? ❤

8S5A2116 8S5A2127 8S5A2135 8S5A2140 8S5A2147 8S5A2149 8S5A2156 8S5A2166 8S5A2199 8S5A2206 8S5A2225 8S5A2229 8S5A2232 8S5A2236 8S5A2247 8S5A2252 8S5A2263

8S5A2284 8S5A2296

Another favorite. Maybe it’s just the photo, but an oversized sweatshirt that shows curves of the body. Interesting. Oh, and I love the sleeves- organza with fur. ❤

8S5A2303 8S5A2305

Loving the bag and the shoes.

8S5A2317 8S5A2328 8S5A2332 8S5A2333 8S5A2340 8S5A2344 8S5A2355 8S5A2357 8S5A2374 8S5A2388 8S5A2393 8S5A2399

8S5A2401 8S5A2417

Definitely the best fur coat I’ve spotted from the FW15 shows at SFW. The colors and spangles. Two thumbs up.

8S5A2429 8S5A2441 8S5A2454 8S5A2465 8S5A2475 8S5A2481 8S5A2487 8S5A2489 8S5A2494

8S5A2513 8S5A2535 8S5A2544 8S5A2584


8S5A2609 8S5A2611

Overall, I loved it. I just admire those vivid colors, especially for FW collections. I mean, things have changed a bit nowadays, but dull colors still dominate the freezing winter streets. If these colors could be seen more often during winter, it’d be amazing. And if you have followed me for a while, you would know that I dislike fur, but this collection pulled if off well. Huge shoutouts to S=YZ for inviting me to the shows so far. It’s been an amazing experience!

So there we go, the end of day 5. Only one day left, but I loved the photos from then, so get excited! Oh, and I’ll try to post things regularly. 😛



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  1. amazing photography I loved it all awesome fashion week in seoul! please check my blog post on photographs I took of model jihye park and ji young kwak during fashion week


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