Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 6 Part 1

The start of the final chapter of SFW FW15. Here we go.


One of my favorite shots. Glad that it was Irene, too.

8S5A3636 8S5A3693 8S5A3706 8S5A3723 8S5A3726 8S5A3735 8S5A3741

Model Irene Kim (아이린)

Sailor shirt with pastel blouson. She definitely is the queen of mix and match.


Kenzo. I want that one so bad but I know I can’t own it so I just took a photo of it. 😥

8S5A3776 8S5A3840 8S5A3837 8S5A3811 8S5A3788

From left to right:

Actor Lee LeeKyung (이이경) & Model Kim SungChan (김성찬)

Got no clue how they’re friends but good to see friends having fun.


Model Lee HyunJi (이현지)

8S5A3860 8S5A3863

Model Kim HyeAh (김혜아)

8S5A3869 8S5A3874

Model, Stylist & Fashion Designer Julian Woodhouse

8S5A3894 8S5A3914

8S5A3915 8S5A3919 8S5A3575

Variation of denim.

8S5A3931 8S5A3940 8S5A4007 8S5A4025 8S5A4031 8S5A4043 8S5A4059 8S5A4073

Model Kim JinKyung (김진경)

I just had to use one of my favorite shots from this season as a cover photo to show it off. Huge fan of her.

8S5A4315 8S5A4319 8S5A4327

Model Kang SoYoung (강소영)

In love with her denim backpack.

8S5A4488 8S5A4499 8S5A4517

Models Ju HeeJeong (주희정) & Bae YoonYoung (배윤영)


Even Ju Had that denim backpack. But I still regret that I didn’t buy the t-shirt that she’s wearing.

So here we are, the last stage of the Seoul Fashion Week that happened five months ago. Let’s make this through together!



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  1. uwaaaaaa~ glad that i found this beautiful blog and the pictures are great as well!!
    i guess i’ll be your fan hehe :3


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