Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Low Classic

Halfway there until the end of the last day! Let’s enjoy some photos from the collection that trendy young Korean girls love.

Low Classic, led by designer Lee MyungSin, is a brand that focuses on modern minimalism. It accents the beauty of womenswear with the energy of youth and creativity. It is not too extravagant and flashy, yet it’s not too simple either. Lee manages to find a perfect balance between the two, making its identity firm in the fashion industry.

The collection for FW15 got its motifs from the imagery of the winter mountains, adding naturalistic texture using fabrics. The collection is perfected with simple yet comfortable silhouette enhanced with motifs and graphics of the 70’s.

8S5A5671 8S5A5672

How the hair was done was so interesting for me.

8S5A5675 8S5A5688 8S5A5692 8S5A5696 8S5A5698 8S5A5706


Love the shot, and the color of the jacket is beautiful.

8S5A5717 8S5A5727 8S5A5735

8S5A5744 8S5A5749

The detail of the top is very interesting. Might feel very revealing in the first place but it is very intriguing.


Personally an interesting shot. Special reasons. 😛


8S5A5776 8S5A5785 8S5A5787

These hoodies (correct me if I’m wrong) really grabbed my attention. I think even men could try this on, too. Great for layering during winter.

8S5A5792 8S5A5797 8S5A5809 8S5A5816 8S5A5821

Loved the pattern here, both on the coat and the skirt. Surprisingly gives off both fall and winter vibe.

8S5A5825 8S5A5831 8S5A5837 8S5A5840 8S5A5847


I have to say this was my favorite outfit. Low Classic tends not to use much edge for the garments, probably because Lee focuses on comfortable outfits, both visually and when people wear it. I obviously don’t know how comfortable it is when I wear it, but it doesn’t look stiff at all. And the asymmetrical skirt goes along really well, as lines are accentuated throughout the whole outfit with the flow.

8S5A5866 8S5A5876 8S5A5882 8S5A5884 8S5A5892 8S5A5893 8S5A5902 8S5A5905 8S5A5912 8S5A5915 8S5A5921 8S5A5927 8S5A5938 8S5A5944 8S5A5950 8S5A5957 8S5A5966 8S5A5969 8S5A5972

8S5A5976 8S5A5981 8S5A5984 8S5A5986 8S5A5993 8S5A6019



Simple, but classic.

Overall, it was just the typical Low Classic – that means it was great. Didn’t look warm practically but as of design, it was on point with the wit of the designer. One thing that I really want to mention is the length of the pants. I think the length of the pants really differ even by a millimeter, but she had them on point. Nothing looked awkward. There were some clothes that I wanted to wear, too, so that says something.

So here we are, halfway through the last chapter of SFW FW15. Hopefully I can finish all the posts and have it uploaded before I head off to NYC for college, which is in two days (well less than two to be exact… :P) Till then, follow my Instagram!



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