Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 6 Part 2

More photos.

8S5A4371 8S5A4384 8S5A4452

From left to right:

Model Irene Kim (아이린), Choi JunYoung (최준영), Lee SunJung (이선정), Paik JiWon (백지원)

Friends having too much fun.


Loved the details of the jacket that JiWon was wearing.

8S5A4587 8S5A4610

Model Yeo YeonHee (여연희)

8S5A4623 8S5A4633 8S5A4643 8S5A4661 8S5A4674 8S5A4688 8S5A4694 8S5A4749

Model & Actress Stephanie Lee (스테파니)

Adorable as always. I hope to see her walk down the runway at the fashion week even when she’s getting famous as an actress.


Model Shin HaeNam (신해남)

8S5A4906 8S5A4922 8S5A4924

Model Jung HoYeon (정호연)

8S5A4965 8S5A5050 8S5A4973 8S5A4966

Great details – from the whole jackets to small details like the keyrings or shoes.

8S5A4768 8S5A4799 8S5A4802 8S5A4816 8S5A4851

Model Park Jisu (지이수)

She is usually very lovely and cute in her outfits, but Park decided to be chic for this photoshoot.


Model Hwang HyunJoo (황현주)

In a rush.

8S5A5054 8S5A5069 8S5A5076 8S5A5083

Model Kim KiBum (김기범)

His scarf was what grabbed my attention first, then it was the back of the blazer.

8S5A3599 8S5A5162

8S5A4881 8S5A4889

Photographer Ju MinHwoo (주민후)

In charge of Fine For Them. Check out his Instagram!

8S5A5018 8S5A5024 8S5A5036

From left to right:

Model Kim Yerim (김예림), Jung SoHyun (정소현)


Debonair. His pants though. Excellent.

Halfway there for the street photos of the last day!



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