Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 6 Part 3

I guess I’m not finishing my SFW FW15 before I leave because I’m at the airport right now blogging this post, but hey, we’re almost at the end anyways. 😀


Model Lee HyeJung (이혜정)

8S5A5106 8S5A5123 8S5A5130 8S5A5133 8S5A5136 8S5A5138

Model Han KyungHyun (한경현)

She is so cute ❤ Adorable outfit with great smile!

8S5A5158 8S5A5231

Raf Simons X Adidas


8S5A5167 8S5A5098 8S5A5273 8S5A5282 8S5A5172 8S5A5186 8S5A5188 8S5A5174 8S5A5168

Details of the top: from fur to denim. Great colors, too.


Baby fashionista Jain.


8S5A5201 8S5A5207 8S5A5220

Model in black: Kim Yerim (김예림), Model in white: Kang SoYoung (강소영)

8S5A5163 8S5A5194

8S5A5304 8S5A5315

Model Han SeungSoo (한승수)

8S5A5524 8S5A5341

Pop Artist Marco Santaniello

His mario looks great on him with the Mickey Mouse hat.


Photographer Park KiYeon (박기연)

8S5A5241 8S5A5264 8S5A5289 8S5A5290

Model Son HyoEun (손효은)

One of my favorite to take photos of.

8S5A5376 8S5A5380

Model Yoon SoJung (윤소정)

The crowd behind. Just amazing.


Love this shot for some reason… but it’s beautiful.

I’ll finish it (finally (hopefully)) once I get to New York City. Till then, wish me luck for a safe flight while you check out my Instagram!



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