Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Fashion Day 6 Part 4

The final chapter of the street photos of the FW15 in Seoul. It’s been a long way, but we’re here now. Let’s finish it!

8S5A4225 8S5A4162 8S5A4183 8S5A4188 8S5A4281 8S5A4274 8S5A4312

Model Irene Kim (아이린)

I think I can never get tired taking photos of Irene.

IMG_2469 IMG_2477 IMG_2540 IMG_2481 IMG_2483 IMG_2506 IMG_2510 IMG_2525 IMG_2545

Models Byeon WooSeok (변우석) & Han SeungSoo (한승수)


Fashionable toddlers. After seeing so many of them, I decided to make my baby fashionable if I get one. 😀

8S5A5392 8S5A5395 8S5A5435 8S5A5445

Buyers from overseas with style director & fashion lecturer Sarah Kate Watson-Baik

Follow Sarah through Instagram!


Only out-of-focus portrait shot that I think I would ever like.

8S5A5654 8S5A5636 8S5A5608

Personal never-ending love for shoes.


Model Pyeong Lee (이평)

8S5A5532 8S5A5396 8S5A5628 8S5A5619


IMG_2426 IMG_2438

Model Song HaeNa (송해나)

8S5A5553 8S5A5557 8S5A5569 8S5A5615


Follow her on Instagram here! (Even though she deleted most of the things she had posted…)

8S5A5501 8S5A5505 8S5A5521

Model Ji HyunJeong (지현정)

8S5A5406 8S5A5604 8S5A5655 8S5A5656 8S5A5634 8S5A5630



Last shot from the SFW FW15 posts for street fashion… I say this a lot, but there was something about this photo that I really like.

Well, here we are. Finally done with something that happened in March. Says a lot about my work ethics… 😛 But this fashion week was something particular for me because it was my first time attending everyday of the event (6 days). I left my house at 9 every morning and returned at 9, spending 12 hours at DDP taking photos and admiring the street fashion of Seoul. It was often that I didn’t eat lunch and/or dinner. Still, I was so excited to come back with so many photos of people with their individuality. It was such a memorable fashion week, and I am glad that I could share it with you guys. Big shout-outs to everyone who visited my blog and looked at the photos. I’ll be back to conclude SFW FW15 with the fashion show that blew my mine. Till then, follow my Instagram!



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