Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Andy & Debb

The last post of SFW FW15.

Andy & Debb is a brand led by a couple, Andy Kim and Debbie Yoon. The brand identifies itself with romantic minimalism, with the balance of simple, elegant, and chic designs. The FW15, We Never Hit The Moon, was based upon conspiracy theory about the man on the moon, along with the futurism of the 60’s. the collection focuses on the rhythmical image of the moon shown through graphics, complemented by Andy & Debb’s wit.

8S5A6067 8S5A6084

Wasn’t my first time enjoying Andy & Debb’s collection at the show, so I knew that they would start with a film.

8S5A6093 8S5A6103 8S5A6096 8S5A6105 8S5A6129 8S5A6119 8S5A6142 8S5A6146 8S5A6147


Love the outfit.


The graphic of the outfit is fabulous here. The colors and the pattern is just on point.

8S5A6182 8S5A6198 8S5A6202 8S5A6205 8S5A6208

8S5A6200 8S5A6212

Many more to come, but the neoprene sweatshirt with graphics that looked like they were from the comics really grabbed my attention.

8S5A6224 8S5A6226 8S5A6231


Pattern by the crescent moon.

8S5A6238 8S5A6240 8S5A6241 8S5A6242 8S5A6243 8S5A6244 8S5A6245

8S5A6249 8S5A6251 8S5A6257 8S5A6258 8S5A6263

This jacket made me speechless. I was a fanatic about astronomy and the universe, so I wanted to be an astronaut for a bit. I still remember how I thought space suits are the best outfit that one could ever get. This particular jacket reminded the exact feelings and admiration I had towards space and space suits. Every detail was a recreation of a space suit that I dreamed of, but it was still wearable for daily use.


8S5A6276 8S5A6279

Short clip before the finale.

8S5A6284 8S5A6286 8S5A6294 8S5A6296 8S5A6313 8S5A6315 8S5A6334


8S5A6344 8S5A6347 8S5A6355

The genius couple, Andy and Debb.

This collection was the most memorable one that I had other than the first fashion show that I even attended. As a huge fan of conspiracy theories, I was mesmerized by the way the designers executed their collection to reflect their thoughts and ideas. There was wit that no one else can create. I still remember how I was just sitting their for like a minute, too shocked to say or move. It was an experience that I couldn’t forget. Huge thanks to Claire for taking me to this show to watch it sitting in the front row! ❤

Well, I guess we are finally done with Seoul Fashion Week FW15 completely. As I mentioned in the previous post, this particular fashion week was unforgettable experience with so much dedication that I have put into. I think I would never be able to experience fashion week in depth like this ever until I can showcase my own collection. 😛 There are so many people that I want to give thanks to for such an amazing event, but I want to thank Jina Han the most. She was the one who got most of the tickets to the shows as her photographer, and without her i think I wouldn’t have made so much dedication to go to DDP by train for 20 minutes, run around and take photos for 12 hours, and immerse myself into the festival. Her blog is amazing (check it out here!) and she is a wonderful girl who will do great things, so keep an eye for her.

Anyways, here we are. Finally done. I don’t know what I’ll post next, but I fear that I don’t have much to post for now. I’ll hopefully get some opportunity soon to show you guys something later on. New York Fashion Week is starting tomorrow! Didn’t expect it to come this early, but well, here it is. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take photos everyday, but be ready for some interesting shots that will come along. But till then, follow my Instagram and Facebook!



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