Catching up!

Hello people of the world!

Hi, it’s me Joseph again. I recall that my last post on this blog was about Andy & Debb with a message that New York Fashion Week starts the day after I posted it. Well, it’s been like two months now. I know that I haven’t kept up with this blog at all. Well, I have been thinking about how to run my social media of all my photos. I’ve had some issues with copyrights and such, so I was reworking on my photos with watermarks on them. And here is a conclusion:

  1. I post most frequently on my Instagram, so for the fastest update, Instagram will be your go-to for the fastest updates.
  2. My Facebook page is also one of the many that gets updated frequently, yet I only post the best photos, so not everything gets posted.
  3. I also created a Tumblr, and it will be just like Facebook, except it won’t have much captions like Facebook.
  4. The WordPress blog will be the slowest one, yet it’ll have every photos with captions and such.

And lastly, if you are going to use my previous photos, which don’t have watermarks on, PLEASR GIVE THEM CREDITS. PLEASE. Thankfully the one who used my photo on the Tumblr page gave me credit, but I was really terrified when I realized what could’ve happened if she didn’t. So PLEASE GIVE MY PHOTOS CREDITS IF YOU ARE GOING TO POST THEM ON YOUR PAGE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, OR ANYTHING.

And as of New York Fashion Week posts, I’ll hopefully be posting one or two this upcoming week. Till then, check out my other pages!

Here’s a sneak peak:




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