New York Fashion Week SS16: Street Fashion #1

Hello everyone! It’s been a little bit over 2 months since NYFW ended, so I guess it’s time to stop being lazy and post the photos now. It was my first time at NYFW, too, so it was hard on the first day to locate where the shows were. As I was so used to Seoul Fashion Week where most shows are held at one place (DDP), it was so new for me to go around the whole City to locate the shows. But thankfully, I got a hold of it pretty soon that I did not struggle as much. So here we go, my outcome from my first experience at New York Fashion Week.


Photographer YoungJun Koo

One of my favorite street photographers. Not only his photos are great but also his fashion is always on point.


Model SungHee Kim

One of major Korean models modeling worldwide. Simple outfits but love the details like the sneakers.


Photographer Nabile QuenumAdriano Cisani

They are very well knwon photographers and it was amazing to take photos with them. I love Nabile’s outfits, and there are more to come. I linked their pages, so check them out!

Suit on point.


I couldn’t resist taking photos of her. He outfit was lovely.

Bags, bags, bags, and bags.


I see so many people wearing those camel combat boots now… Is it due to Kanye?

Models off duty.


Still trying hard to take photos of people smoking. I really like those kind of photos for some reason.



So there’s my first set of photos. I’ll be back with more later. Till then, check out my other links!



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