New York Fashion Week SS16: Street Fashion #2

So let’s get right into it!

Model Irene Kim

Can’t talk about my street fashion photos without her I guess. She was fully equipped with KYE, a Korean brand by Kathleen Kye. Her hair is fabulous as always.


Personally one of my favorite shots. She’s no one popular, but I just love how she has her sunglasses on. It captures the moment that she was in. Still trying hard to capture moments like this on the street.

Details were something that I always try to take photos of.

Debonair men in suits.


These two seemed like a celebrity but have no clue who they are. Love their smiles.


Loved the colors and everything, but shoes especially.

Producer Primary

One of the best producers in Korea. No one recognized him at first because he usually has a box over his head.

My favorite photo of details from my first day at NYFW.

Something that you would only see during fashion week.

I’ll be back soon with more photos! Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook for NYFW photos, and Tumblr for past SFW photos!



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