New York Fashion Week SS16: Street Fashion #5

Incoming of the photos once again. I think many of you will like the photos from this day.

Just a New Yorker passing by, but honestly one of the best dressed in my opinion. This photo is also one of my favorite from the fashion week!


Micol Sabbadini & Anna Dello Russo. They were just casually talking while a crowd of photographers were busy taking photos of them.


Young Jun Koo (IAMKOO) & Hoon Cheol Ko (WIMIRY). Two Korean photographers that I admire.
Hyun Bum Nam (HB Nam). He has a different perspective of photos than everyone else. He is never with the crowd when he takes photos, yet his photos are gorgeous. Something to learn.


Someone notable in the fashion industry I assume, but clueless who she is. Simple black and white outfit but the attitude completes the whole outfit!

Front, side, and back.

Bags, bags, bags.

Model Stella Maxwell

Nothing too fancy, but the careless vibe she gave while the whole traffic was hectic was interesting.

Classic men at their finest.

CDG. Something that was seen often on the streets nowadays.
Fashion Editor & Consultant Yuwei Zhangzou. Loving the dragon if you can see it!
Fendi Peekaboo sneakers. Love the Peekaboo series so much personally.
Some celebrity I’m guessing. It was an interesting shot to shoot.
Adidas X Jeremy Scott. I take photos of outfits by Jeremy Scott often. His designs are very suitable for Fashion Week in my opinion.
Passion of the photographers at the Fashion Week.



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