New York Fashion Week SS16: Street Fashion #6

Hello guys! I wanted to post more before I finish my break in Korea, but I was dying from such bad cold for the whole last week in Korea. So by the time you see this post, I’ll be on my flight to NYC. Well, let’s keep it working so that the SS16 posts will be done before the upcoming season engulfs me.


Model Irene Kim. Love this shot as she was busy leaving from the Thom Browne show.

Her outfit was very adorable. Thom Browne coat and the polo shirt really fitted her. She never forgets to play around with some color, though (her bag).

Thom Browne jackets are great. I mean, look at the photo.

More Thom Browne.


Even a small tie clip can be a great accessory.
Fun to notice a Korean cartoon character at NYFW.
Korean designer Lie Sang Bong.

Various details, ranging from bags to shoes.


The way Nam was taking a break really reflects what street photographers do. All they do is take photos and take a break on the street. Perfect representation of the life of street photographers during fashion week.



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