New York Fashion Week SS16: Street Fashion #8

Unfortunately, but as always, I am finishing the past fashion week photos after the current season ends. New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 16 ended today, and I am posting this right after Calvin Klein show. I got so much photos from this season, so let’s go on with finishing the last part of New York Fashion Week SS16.


Yes, that is lots and lots of photos of Irene. But I mean I guess you guys already know I love to take photos of Irene. It was such a view when every street photographers blocked the whole street to take photos of her. She was already late to the show, but she was kind enough to stop for the street photographers. Thank you Irene! ❤

Kendall Jenner. Didn’t get good shots of her as so many people crowded around her while the bodyguard was trying his best to keep them away.

Didn’t get a photo of the bottom of that white jacket/coat but it got very ditrty… lul


As always, photos of sneakers ❤


People on the move.


Models have to eat something to survive, at least.

I think this photo describes a life of street photographer during fashion weeks. They will be anywhere at anytime to get the best shot, like that woman standing above the crowd.

So there we go, we are FINALLY done with NYFW SS16. Thank you for following up with this lazy blogger! Saying this again just like last time, but hopefully I’ll be more diligent to post the photos that I got from this season as I have a lot to share with you guys. So please be patient with me as I will try my best also. Till then, stay warm! (I MEAN IT 🙂 )



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