Long time no see (as usual)! I guess you are all expecting me to come back with NYFW photos, but I decided to push that aside for my personal photoshoot that I did recently.


I’ve always been thinking of taking photos with outfits that I want the model to wear. I finally got to! It all started from the pink sweater Claire has on. I just loved the color and the fit of it on her, yet I didn’t want to have the hoodie itself for the top. So I played around with some outfits, using clothing from both of our closet.


My theme for this photoshoot came from the term Girl Crush. As my style is from the street-fashion, I wanted to have an outfit which would look hip on girls, not too girly. Claire was perfect with her short hair, so I didn’t hesitate to ask her to model for me. I wanted the outfit to look androgynous, so we had fun mixing and matching. So with the pink hoodie, we added a light pink rider jacket with a strap-back and a pair of destroyed jeans. We rolled the jeans up so it wouldn’t look too manly. Also, platform shoes kept the outfit going from too skater-boy.


We chose to shoot at Soho as it seems to be the perfect place to show a hip fashion in the metropolitan where the Fashion Week starts. As it’s known to have lots of graffiti and street artwork, it was just great to capture so many photos there.


Shoutout to Gentle Monster letting us take photos in the store! Love the aesthetics of the shop ❤
Strap-back: thisisneverthat
Leather Jacket: H&M
Hoodie: Souvenir Shop
Jeans: Guess
Shoes: Yesstyle
Sunglasses: Beacon’s Closet

So hope you enjoyed the photos! I honestly feel very awkward writing all this as it’s my first time, but hope the outfit and the photo speak themselves. I’ll be back with another outfit of her before NYFW photos!



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